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Shore Bird Hunting in New Jersey

Shore Bird Hunting in New Jersey

Shore bird hunting though deemed illegal in 1928 was once very popular for sport or to provide food for the table. During its popularity, decoys, calls, and hunting blinds were necessary tools. These tools today (decoys and calls) have now become very popular collectibles.1, 2, and 3

Shore birds from New Jersey were typically made from solid cedar wood but had bills made from solid oak wood to prevent breakage.

There are various shore bird makers from New Jersey.

To view pictures of New Jersey shorebirds listed by their makers, reference, Classic New Jersey Decoys, by J. Doherty or Shore Bird Decoys, by H. Fleckenstein. In this article, you will see how a hunter might set up shore bird decoys for a hunt and view the face page of 2 books about shorebirds.

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